Sunday, September 11 2005 The Dar El-Hanun struggle continues

In the Summer of 2001 we held a large voluntary work camp in the unrecognized village of Dar El Hanun, in Wadi Ara. The village exists since the 20’s of the last century but the State of Israel refuses to recognize it and to supply it basic facilities: no electricity, telephone, paved road and social facilities, and the residents of the village are forbidden from improving their living conditions.

During the work camp we, together with the villagers, constructed a children’s playground and paved a short entrance road to the village. Those of you who saw the joy with which the children of the village started riding their bikes on that road remember it well.

Now the government is suing our partner to the struggle, Mustafa Abu Hilal from Dar El Hanun,because of this “illegal” road.

On Sunday, September 11, at 9:00 there will be a hearing in the legal proceedings against Mustafa.

People who can be present there are invited to come and demonstrate our on-going solidarity with the struggle of Dar El Hanun.