Saturday, January 8 2005 Let the people live in Dar ElHanun!

On Saturday we demonstrated – 100 – 150 people, in Barta’`a junction. We demonstrated against a clear threat of demolition of the home of Mustafa Abu Hilal, and a threat to destroy the road whose end we covered with asphalt with our own hands in the working days in Dar ElHanun, in the summer of 2001.
The demonstration was well noticed by the passangers along Wadi ‘Ara road, many of them live in the region. After the demonstration we went up to the village, to sit under the shade of Mustafa’s carob tree. We heard talks about the legal aspect of the struggle of the village, as well as the bigger context of the policy of discrimination and plunder with regards recognition / no recognition of Arab villages in the state.
We shall wait for the results of the various legal hearings to decide our future steps.