Saturday, March 12 2005 Tree planting in Falame

The unconcealed goal of Sharon is to annex the territory between the green line and the fence establishing a new border for Israel. It is conceivable that his appetite is larger, but with the current methods it is a large part. The fence and the limitations imposed by the military on passage of farmers and equipment pose a threat to the agriculture and the land may become desolate. The Palestinians show admirable vigorousness and resourcefulness in clinging to their land and cultivating it, in spite of all the difficulties. As partners of the just struggle of the Palestinians we join them in their actions against the fence and in olive harvest and tree plantation. In the construction of the fence from Salem in the north until Mas’ha in the centre more than 1000 olive trees were uprooted. Important means of clinging to the land is planting trees for those uprooted.
In supporting this we financed the purchasing of thousands of olive trees planted in the Qalqilia-Tulkarm area.
On Saturday, 12 March 2005 we arrived to plant trees in Falame, near the green line, and the Israeli locality Kokhav Yair. More than fifty activists arrived, Ta’ayush and internationals. We planned to go at 0930 but got delayed until everyone showed up. Upon entry to the occupied territories the army and police waited trying to prevent us from going further. They did not have a warrant of a clsed military zone. Then the police tried to threaten our driver. While negotiating a military commander arrived with a closed military area warrant. We did not give up and claimed that our purpose is to plant the trees in the land of a farmer from Falame. As a result of our pressure the military agreed on a joint visit to the land to see that the fence is not threatened. We went via a military patrol road where the commander agreed to open the agricultural gate before the time allocated in order to pass the plants and shovels. After driving and walking we arrived in about 1200. Because of the delay some of our partners from Falame had to return home. We planted about 100 olive trees hoping they will be a magnificent grove.