Saturday, October 27 2001 Olive harvest in Sussya region

On Saturday, October 27, about 150 of Ta’ayush activists wished to join the olive harvest in Sussya region to guarantee the safety of the Palestinian residents against attacks from the settlers and the army while they harvest their olive crop.

The group was stopped by a police & army roadblock some 500m before the settlement Sussya, and presented with a military closed zone order in effect from 26.10 to 26.12. MKs tried to use their influence to abolish the order, but to no avail.

Ta’ayush people remained in the area until the afternoon to make sure that the settlers won’t harass the Palestinians during the harvest.
The group then continued to the Minister of defence residence to demonstrate against the army’s decisions with signs such as: “IDF – the Settler’s Army” and “the army prevents peace activities”