Saturday, September 15 2001 A solidarity convoy, carrying food and water to demolished villages in South Hebron area

In our convoy, organized by the Jerusalem group of Ta’ayush – Arab-Jewish Partnership, we expressed our solidarity with the people in the demolished villages by delivering water and essential food supplies. This action opened a series of solidarity actions & events, marking the culmination of a whole year of Intifada and with it a whole year of Seger, Keter, bombing, executions and other atrocities inflicted by Israeli policy. The series of actions is coordinated by a coalition of peace organizations, including Ta’ayush, under the name Solidarity – Organizations against the occupation.

On Sunday, 16.9.01 , only 24 hours after we led the solidarity convoy of food and water, the Israeli army arrived, destroying the dwellings and water sources of the families we had visited and of other families in the vicinity. 118 people were expelled from their lands to Palestinian-controlled areas (area A).

This measure not only aims to punish Palestinians who participate in joint protest with Israelis, but is also another step in a long chain of IDF violations against this community over the years, despite High Court orders prohibiting their expulsion. Its political logic is that this area is scheduled for annexation by Israel.

This gradual deportation is happening before our very eyes while the media continues to speak of “the ceasefire” and “alleviation of the siege”. We cannot desert our Palestinian partners in this hour of trial.