Tuesday, November 20 2001 13 deaths – none responsible

Demonstration at the Supreme Court
during Barak’s and Ben-Ami’s testimonies to “Or Committee”

13 dead, dozens injured and arrested, fear and hatred, and severe implications on future life together – this is the outcome of the October 2000 Events.

Who is responsible?

An Arab-Jewish vigil was held while former Interior Defence Minister Shlomo Ben-Ami and former Prime Minister Ehud Barak gave their testimonies at the Or Committee, on Monday and Tuesday, the 19th-20th of November.

We wanted to remind the political ranks that they cannot evade their responsibility for the October 2000 events, and demand justice.

We carried signs with the following slogans:
13 deaths – none responsible
The policeman shot, the demonstrator died, the minister kept silent
Demonstrators: beware of snipers!
The responsibility reaches the politicians
Whose police is it?
Do not shoot demonstrators!!!
Arab-Jewish Partnership against racism

Also participated:
The Committee of Arab Municipalities
The Women’s Coalition for Peace