Monday, August 1 2022 This week – July 24-30, 2022 – in the Occupied Territories

photo: Demonstration of ‘Jewish Power’ at the entrance to ‘Maon’ colony, South Hebron Hills, July 29, 2022

South Hebron Hills
The occupation forces are now systematically harassing the Palestinian inhabitants of the ‘firing zone’ that has been declared throughout Masafer Yatta, meaning to cause their transfer from this area, with the backing of the Israeli Supreme Court. Thus, this week too, community members here were detained at the army’s roadblocks, their vehicles confiscated, and houses and farming structures demolished. This takes place alongside military and police backing up of longstanding illegal colonist outposts’ violence, and the new ranch outposts by which the colonists are taking over grazing grounds and farming areas of Palestinians in the region.
Masafer Yatta: A vehicle of an aid organization was detained near Jinba for about an hour and a half on Sunday, July 24. On Monday, the army put up a flying checkpoint between Mufqara and Khalat A-Dab’a and detained a legal transport vehicle of the villagers for three hours. On Thursday, again at a checkpoint near Jinba, the army detained for hours three vehicles, among them a legal taxi bringing instructors for a children’s summer camp, a pickup truck carrying feed for the flocks, and a vehicle belonging to the aid organization ‘Comet’ – all three vehicles were confiscated. At the same time, on Sunday, 3 demolition orders were issued at Umm Qusa (for 2 dwellings and a water cistern), and on Monday the occupation forces demolished a house in the area of Birin, a structure at Buyab, and a large dwelling in Umm Qusa, where the owners were also violently attacked with stun grenades. On Tuesday, July 26, an army force broke into a dwelling cave late at night in Khalat A-Dab’a, conducted a search and damaged property. On Friday, July 29, a military bulldozer blocked the route from Simra to Fakhit.
ON Tuesday, July 26, the occupation forces issued cessation of work orders around Dirat. An edict overtaking lands on both sides of the entrance road into Tawane village was issued on Wednesday, July 27.
Colonists from ‘Mitzpe Yair’ invaded Palestinian tended fields and olive groves around Attariya – Sha’ab A-Butum and damaged crops. The police were summoned – and refused to intervene.
On Friday, July 29, colonists’ presence at the new outpost that was supposedly evicted near ‘Carmel’ colony was reported. That day, colonists held a protest at the entrance to ‘Maon’. The next day, Saturday, activists documented a new outpost-ranch of the ‘Asa’el’ colony, including tents, a sheep pen with a large flock of sheep, and a water pipe providing water from the colony. The activists documented the colonists’ flock grazing on Palestinian tended fields bordering on the outpost.
On Saturday, July 30, an army force (including a reserves officer who works as the security official of the terrorist outpost ‘Yitzhar’) tried to prevent the Palestinian landowner at Umm Al Arais and his family from coming to their land, as they are wont to do every Saturday, in spite of the intervention of a DCO officer who confirmed the Palestinian’s ownership of his land. The owner and his family insisted on staying, but the activists accompanying them were distanced with a ‘closed military zone’ order, while colonists crowded unhampered around the Palestinian family. That day, Saturday, at Wadi Swayd nearby, the same soldiers and the ‘Yitzhar’ security official groundlessly chased away a Palestinian shepherd from his own land and detained a local activist.
Activists helped with farm work in Umm Al Kheir on Friday and Saturday with no special incident, and joined works at Khalat A-Dab’a.

Palestinian Jordan Valley
In this area, the occupation forces promote the transfer of the impoverished Palestinian communities by confiscating their water tankers, destroying their water cisterns and humble structures, while giving open support to the Jewish terrorists who violently harass the local shepherds and their families. Severe violence on the part of the colonist outposts has already made 20 families from Ras A-Tin (on the West Bank Hill Range) leave their homes. Around Auja and Mu’arajat in the southern part of the Valley, the Israeli army continues to chase away Palestinian shepherds at the bidding of the ‘well-connected’ colonist (a high-ranking reserves officer) who controls the nearby ranch-outpost, as well as thugs from the new outposts near ‘Mevo’ot Yericho’.
Activists accompanied shepherds around Auja all week. On Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, soldiers coming by car from the ranch-outpost sped into Palestinian flocks in order to chase away their shepherds by order of the colonist. On Wednesday, his ATV joined the chase, and on Friday, 4 motorized paragliders flew low above the flocks and scared them; it was also reported that a colonist driving a car threatened shepherdesses on their way home. Activists stayed overnight at Mu’arajat on Thursday, July 28, because of the threatening presence of colonist vehicles around this community at night.
On the West Bank Hill Range, activists visited on Wednesday, July 27, the 20 Palestinian families forced to leave their home in Ras A-Tin due to severe harassment by colonists. The place now inhabited by these families has no school, and it is still unknown how long the landowner will let them stay there. At the same time, colonist harassment continues. Eviction orders have also been issued to families who stayed in the village – one of them has already left after colonists destroyed their water tanks and dwellings. Activists also accompanied grazing and helped repair fences round Deir Jarayer on Thursday and on Friday, July 29, reporting an invasion of a colonist flock from the ‘dismantled’ outpost of ‘Ma’ale Ahuviya’ into Palestinian tended fields in Deir Jarayer. The activists were followed and harassed by an aggressive colonist.
In the northern part of the Valley, activists accompanied grazing in the communities of Khalat Makhoul and Hamra, where on Monday, July 25, they prevented an attempt by an ATV-riding colonist to chase away the Palestinian flocks. That day, the army confiscated a truck carrying fertilizer at Farisiya.
Activists held a demonstration in protest of the confiscation of Palestinian water tankers opposite the headquarters of the Jordan Valley Brigade on Monday, July 25. They were dispersed by means of a closed military zone order. On Saturday, activists dismantled a pirate fence in the Palestinian Jordan Valley, erected by colonists in an attempt to blocks Palestinians and their flocks from reaching their water and grazing grounds.

This week, too, the occupation forces were busy making Palestinians’ life in East Jerusalem unbearable by violently raiding neighborhoods, making arrests and carrying on the activity of ‘Taking down Palestine flags’.
On Sunday and Monday large police forces raided the Jabal Mukabar neighborhood and the Al Wad part of the Old City, where they conducted 3 violent arrests – one of the arrestees suffered severe injuries and a fracture. That day, Jewish thugs stoned Palestinian vehicles in the city – and no one was arrested. Forces entered the Issawiya neighborhood and took down Palestine flags. A Palestinian woman was attacked again on Jaffa Street near the light train rail.
During the weekly vigil protesting the ethnic cleansing of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, this Friday again demonstrators had to face a barrage of curses and threats by the Jewish Bibist thugs who have been concentrating in this neighborhood lately, creating clashes and stoning Palestinian vehicles that happen to pass through it.
On Saturday, July 30, at the height of the high-school graduation celebrations and the publicizing of the matriculation exam results at Palestinian schools, the occupation forces raided Beit Hanina neighborhood, as well as the refugee camp Shu’afat where they arrested 14 boys who participated in the festivities.

Demolitions throughout the West Bank
Hawat Bani Hasan (Salfit district)- 5 residential structures on Tuesday
Qizin (Nablus district) – 4 structures on Tuesday
Jalamah (Jenin district) – 4 structures on Tuesday
Ya’abad (Jenin district) – 2 structures on Tuesday
Nablus – a residential structure on Sunday