Sunday, July 10 2022 This week – July 3-9, 2022 – in the Occupied Territories

A colonist gang escorted by the Israeli army set fire around the community of Ras A-Tin (Palestinian Jordan Valley), then destroyed tents and shacks – several terrified families prepared to leave immediately, but, supported by activists, they remain on site; Bullets hit a Palestinian home in Khalat A-Dab’a during the army’s maneuvers in Masafer Yatta; Soldiers shackled, beat up and kidnapped a sick Palestinian near a clinic in the South Hebron Hills; Right-wing thug Rami Ben Yehuda violently attacked a Sheikh Jarrah inhabitant on crutches, causing him severe injury; A gang of colonists, soldiers and police went on a shooting rampage in the Silwan neighborhood of East Jerusalem, where they invaded dozens of houses, vandalizing property and injuring numerous residents and children; Colonists accompanied by a military force invaded the village of Muraja’at in the Palestinian Jordan Valley, conducted home searches, shackled and beat up an eldery man and confiscated a tractor; During the month of June, 464 Palestinians were arrested, 70 of them minors; since the beginning of the current year, 3873 Palestinians had been arrested.

South Hebron Hills
On Sunday, July 3, at noon, residents of the Masafer Yatta area were notified that the occupation army was renewing its maneuvers there that very day, and until Wednesday. That evening, a light weapons firing maneuver was held close to the houses of Majaz village. The next day, helicopter landings and takeoffs were practiced near that village, and on Tuesday maneuvers were held in tended fields near the village Mirkaz, including live fire and tank shells. The residents of Mufaqara reported a fire that broke out as a result of gunfire near the access road to ‘Avigail’ colonist outpost. On Wednesday, bullets hit a home in Khalat A-Dab’a. The army spokesperson denied any connection with the maneuvers. However, on Thursday, in front of diplomats in a delegation headed by the Ambassador of the European Union visiting the area that day, a heavy-machinegun 0.5 bullet was extracted from the wall of the house. On Saturday, soldiers blocked an internal road in Masafer Yatta and prevented a family from Touba village from visiting their married daughter in a neighboring village during the Muslim holiday. The soldiers tried forcefully to confiscate their legally-owned vehicle and shackled its owner. That day, July 9, soldiers shackled and beat up an ill youngster near a clinic in the village of Safai Foqa, and then abandoned him outside the village of Majaz.
In Umm Qusa, two ‘cessation of work’ orders were issued on Sunday, and the next day, July 4, the occupation forces demolished a large dwelling house leaving 15 people, most of them children, homeless. They also demolished a house under construction near Umm Daraj and a water cistern in Za’atut.
On Tuesday, the army finally acted upon the court ruling and demolished colonist structures around the Rujum area near Susya. Immediately following, they destroyed Palestinian-tended fields including terraces, fences, crops, trees and an irrigation system around Khalat Al Furun.
In Hurubat A-Nabithe army prevented on Wednesday the passage of residents and activists to Bir Al Eid and detained them for about an hour and a half without cause. That same afternoon, the soldiers blocked villagers from Bir Al Eid on their way home, detained one of them and took him to an army base. When activists arrived, the soldiers reconsidered their instructions, released the detained man and enabled the family to make its way home.
A colonist from ‘Mitzpe Yair’ invaded Palestinian fields near Simra on Tuesday with his flock. On Thursday, July 7, colonists took over the memorial commemorating Haj Sliman (who had been run over by a police vehicle in Umm Al Kheir), harassing and cursing Palestinian passersby.
On Thursday, soldiers went on a car chase after a family car from Tawane in order to confiscate it, but when a crowd from the village gathered they gave up and drove off. On Friday, July 8, soldiers blocked the road from Tawane to Yatta – unauthorized, and contrary to army orders.

Palestinian Jordan Valley
On the night between Wednesday and Thursday (July 7), a gang of Jewish terrorists attacked the Ras A-Tin community in the northern Palestinian Jordan Valley. They surrounded people’s homes, ignited a fire that consumed the flocks’ feed for the summer, and destroyed tents and shacks. The community had already known a cruel attack by colonists last month, during which the vandals fractured a woman’s skull. The occupation forces arrested 3 of the victims, and none of the assailants, as usual. Two terror-stricken families intended to leave their homes on the morrow, but after intervention by activists and organizations who promised their support and submitted an urgent appeal to the Minister of Homeland Security, they decided to stay.
All week, activists accompanied shepherds from the communities of Hamra, Farisiya, Samara (where they also stayed overnight), and Khalat Makhoul in the northern Valley. On Friday, July 8, a colonist riding his horse came to Farisiya, threatened a family and tried to trample its children. On Saturday, the notoriously violent colonist near Hamra flew a drone again to chase away Palestinian shepherds and their flocks. In Bardala, the occupation forces confiscated fruit and vegetables from Palestinian farmers on Thursday (July 7).
Around Auja in the southern Valley, shepherds were accompanied by activists all week. On Sunday, July 3, a colonist who owns a nearby outpost- farm and is in command of the army in the area attempted to limit Palestinian grazing. On Wednesday, July 6, a gang of colonists escorted by soldiers and police raided the houses of Muraja’at village, where searches were conducted in dozens of family homes. Two residents – one of them 65 years old – were dragged to the mosque and beaten up, and a tractor was confiscated. On Thursday activists documented the construction of a road leading to the new violent outpost near ‘Mevo’ot Yericho’.

On Tuesday, July 5, colonists accompanied by private security guards, policemen and soldiers, attacked Palestinian inhabitants of the Batan Al-Hawa neighborhood in Silwan. They fired live ammunition, rubber-coated bullets, teargas and stun grenades indiscriminately, invaded homes and vandalized much property. Dozens of inhabitants, among them many children, were wounded by rubber-coated bullets and teargas. Undercover forces raided the neighborhood on the morrow as well. A 15-year-old boy was arrested, a 12-year-old boy was summoned for questioning.
On the eve of the Al-Adha holiday, the Muslim holiday of sacrifice that was celebrated on Saturday, the occupation forces put up barriers at the entrance to the Al Aqsa Mosque and prevented youngsters from going in for the holiday prayers.
During the Friday protest vigil at Sheikh Jarrah, right-wing thugs cursed activists, fought among themselves, and attacked Palestinian cars passing by, all in full view of policemen and the ‘Shalem’ Police Chief Ronen Hazut, who stood aside without doing anything to stop their brutal activity. The main thug, Rami Ben Yehuda, violently attacked a local resident on crutches, and pushed him to the ground; the attacked person was hospitalized. None of the assailants were arrested.
On Saturday, a young colonist attacked a Palestinian near the Damascus Gate – the occupation forces arrested the attacked Palestinian, not the assailant.

Demolitions in Jerusalem
A-Za’im: 2 structures on Monday
Sawahra: one structure on Monday
Jabal Mukabar: one structure on Wednesday
Nabi Samauil: 4 structures as well as numerous trees uprooted on Thursday

Demolitions throughout the West bank
Kufr Dik (Salfit district): 3 structures on Thursday
Duma (West Bank Hill Range, Nablus district): 2 structures on Tuesday
A-Sawiya (Nablus district): one structure on Tuesday

Summing up:
During the first half of the year 2022, the occupation forces arrested 3,873 Palestinians. During the previous month alone, June, 464 Palestinians were arrested, among them 70 children and 18 women. On June 30, 2022, there were 4,650 Palestinians incarcerated in Israel.
Compared to last year, during the first half of 2022 an increase of 60% was noted in Palestinian casualties.
The Palestinian Journalist Union reports 447 violations of international law against Palestinian journalists by the occupation forces since the beginning of the year.