Sunday, November 28 2021 This week – November 21-27, 2021 – in the Occupied Territories

Jewish terrorists attacked Palestinian drivers in the Ramallah area: one of the drivers suffered serious head wounds and his 10-year-old son was lightly injured; A Palestinian student was attacked in the center of Jerusalem by Jewish racists who smashed his face with brass knuckles –hundreds of demonstrators protested the racist violence in the city on Saturday night; Stop-work orders and demolitions throughout the West Bank: in Tawane village, an ‘archeology supervisor’ issued a notice ‘to stop destroying archeological finds’ on a new structure housing the village’s ‘Sumud Youth’, and in Umm Lasafa, a structure intended for a cemetery was demolished ; Settlers destroyed terraces on privately owned Palestinian fields at Umm Al Arais.

South Hebron Hills
On Monday, November 22, large army forces invaded Tawane and entered a new 2-story building that was built for the village’s ‘Sumud Youth’. They were accompanied by an armed ‘archeology supervisor’, who issued the building a notice ‘to stop destroying archeological finds’. The soldiers issued another order of cessation of work in Tawane, and in Tel Ma’in they demolished a 2-story home after declaring a closed military zone, and tried to prevent documentation. The soldiers continued to Umm Lasafa where they also declared a closed military zone, and demolished a cemetery structure that had not yet been put to use. That evening, many settler-colonists gathered near a Tawane home in order to do expansion work, and the army declared this a closed military zone and distanced activists who documented the event.
On Thursday, a group of settler-colonists and their flock invaded grazing grounds near Simra, backed up by the Israeli army, inside the officially declared firing zone.
On Friday morning, the Israeli army was busy blocking roads in the South Hebron Hills, including road 317 between Carmel and Susya, as settlers used the roads for running track. The same day, Tawane had a work day for local and international activists of the ATL organization at the Sumud park, where settlers had uprooted trees.
During his weekly visit to his fields at Umm Al Arais, the Palestinian landowner discovered that the nearby outpost terrorists had destroyed the terraces he built there in recent months, and left a souvenir in the form of a tractor-plowed circle over the fields. The landowner and activists documented the damage and a complaint was lodged with the police.
On Saturday, Activists accompanied plowing in Tawane and Humra, helped lanowners in Atariya document invasions of their fields, and joined farm work in Rakeez and in Susya. Later that day, settler-colonists from ‘Havat Maon’ invaded a privately owned Palestinian plot that is closed officially to Israelis, in full view of soldiers there.

Palestinian Jordan Valley and West Bank Hill Range
Most days this week activists accompanied Palestinian shepherds to their grazing grounds around Khalat Makhoul, Samara, Hamra and Farisiya in the northern Valley, and Auja and Dyuk in the south, without problems, However, around Auja, a shepherd discovered a fresh invasion of the aggressive settler-colonists from the nearby outpost, and on Thursday, when he went out to graze without activist accompaniment, the shepherd reported that settlers from the outpost followed him with their flock and scared him.
Shepherds around Tayibe Junction and Deir Jarayer, who on Friday went out to graze without accompaniment, were attacked by settlers. Activists reported to the police, whose officers intended to arrest the attacked Palestinian shepherds, but changed their minds. That same day, settler-terrorists attacked Palestinian shepherds from En Al Hilwa who had flocks grazing south of the settler-colony ‘Shadmot Mekhola’. The terrorists raced a mini-tractor into the flock, cruelly ran over and killed cows and a calf, and beat the cattle with their clubs.

Five Judeo-Nazis ganged up on a 19-year-old Palestinian student at the center of town when they heard him speak Arabic with a friend, smashing his face with brass knuckles. The student, graduate of the bi-lingual school in town, was hospitalized suffering from much damage and fractures in his face. The police did not arrest any suspects although the entire area is covered by security cameras. On Saturday night, hundreds demonstrated protesting the racist violence in Jerusalem.
On Friday, Jerusalem policemen once again grabbed Palestinian flags and attacked demonstrators at the weekly protest vigil against the theft of Palestinian homes in Sheikh Jarrah.
The occupation forces demolished 3 structures in Sur Bahr on Tuesday.

Throughout the West Bank
A Palestinian driver was attacked while driving his car near Mughayer (Ramallah district) by Jewish terrorists from a passing car. He was severely wounded, and evacuated by helicopter to the En Kerem Hadassah Hospital. The driver’s 10-year-old son who was sitting next to him was lightly injured and evacuated to a Jericho hospital. A Palestinian driver reported that minutes before the accident, the terrorists had tried to get to him as well with a metal rod shoved through their car window. Close by, a Palestinian from Douma village was wounded when Jewish terrorists smashed his car window with stones.

Demolitions throughout the West Bank
The occupation forces demolished 4 structures at Nabi Elias (Qalqiliya district) on Monday, and a structure in Asira A Shamaliya (Nablus district) on Tuesday.
The Israeli forces were out this week on a demolition rampage in the shepherd communities on the West Bank Hill Range (Ramallah district). They destroyed a structure in Al Mu’arajat and 2 structures in En Simiya, as well as 3 structures in Ras A Tin on Tuesday.