Sunday, September 19 2021 This week – September 12-18, 2021 – in the Occupied Territories

The occupation forces, headed by a daring deputy regiment commander, attacked with blows, teargas and stun grenades a convoy of activists and “Combatants for Peace” leading a water tanker to a Palestinian community near the illegal settler outpost ‘Avigail’ – many activists were wounded, others arrested; Israeli soldiers fired teargas on kindergartens and schools in Hebron on Tuesday, and on Friday evening a settler fired live ammunition at the homes of Palestinain families in the Wadi Haseen neighborhood in town; Tanks on an army maneuver drove by a school at Tyassir, soldiers fired teargas grenades into the school and dozens of students were hurt; 217 Palestinians were injured on Friday by the IDF’s attack against demonstrators protesting settlers’ landgrab in the villages of Beita and Bet Dajan; Judo-Nazis severely stabbed a Palestinian at Jerusalem’s Agripas mall; the Israeli police arrested a resident of Khalat a-Dab’a (Daba’a- Arabic for hyena) who shared a picture of a dead hyena online;

photo: Israeli deputy regiment commander Maor Moshe in action against a demonstrator from the ‘Combatants for Peace’ convoy delivering a water tanker to a Palestinian community near the illegal outpost ‘Avigail’ on Friday, September 17, 2021

South Hebron Hills
Forces of the Israeli police and Nature Reserves Authority raided Khalat A Daba’a on Sunday and arrested a Palestinian villager who about two weeks ago had shared a picture of a dead hyena on the social media. As of today, the man is still in custody.
On Monday, oncrete mixer trucks were reported in the so-called ‘illegal’ outpost of ‘Avigail’, where dozens of families live in villas and illegal construction continues unhampered inside firing zone 918. Less than one kilometer from there, in the Palestinian community of Khirbet Rakeez, a soldier shot Harun Abu Aram in the neck at zero range this year because he was trying to protect a generator during one of the DCO’s demolition rampages. The DCO consistently destroys and confiscates homes, caves, tents and the meagre property of Palestinian communities in the area.
On Friday, September 17, local activists along with ‘Combatants for Peace’ organized a convoy to lead a water tanker to a Palestinian community near the ‘illegal’ outpost ‘Avigail’. The Israeli occupation authorities allow the villagers to receive water only three days a week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) – considering Palestinians no different than camels. A military force blocked the convoy and violently attacked it. Outstanding in his violence was the deputy regiment commander who was in charge. The force fired teargas and stun grenades and indiscirminatley shoved and beat up the convoy participants. Two activists suffered burns from direct hits by teargas grenades. The officer violently hurled an elderly activist to the ground, causing a crack in his rib and severe damage to his eye socket – an injury that requires surgery (the activist is still hospitalized). A woman activist sustained a fractured finger, and many others were hurt or arrested, some released on the ground. Five activists were held for eight and a half hours in custody inside a military vehicle, and then released without being questioned, but received a summons for questioning on Sunday. MPs of the Joint List and Meretz parties participated in the action.
On the same Friday, in the evening, a bulldozer in the settlers’ service was reported working near ‘Avigail’.
On Thursday, Yom Kippur, the soldiers’ escort, expected to protect Touba schoolchildren on their way to school, was an hour late.
On Saturday, activists accompanied the Palestinian landowner to Umm Al Arais without special incident.

Palestinian Jordan Valley and West Bank Hill Range
Most days this week, activists accompanied shepherds in the northern and southern parts of the Palestinian Jordan Valley. Grazing at Makhoul, En Sukut, and Auja was relatively unhampered. In Hamra, too, this week saw consistent accompaniment of shepherds without special incident, except on Saturday, September 18, the day sanctified by the violent settler from the nearby outpost, on which he never fails to operate a drone in order to scare the flocks of his Palestinian neighbors. The flock scattered and was regathered several times until activists managed to stop this harassment.
Activists were informed this week in Hamam Al Malih of a demolition order, which the occupation authorities issued against classrooms in the village.
On Monday, activists continued their salvage operation of transferring hay from declared firing zones to the villagers of Humsa, whose community was totally demolished by the Israeli army and their property either destroyed or confiscated.
On Tuesday, September 14, during a military maneuver, Israeli army tanks drove about 50 meters from the Tyassir schoolhouse. Students shouted and several of them threw stones, so the soldiers fired teargas grenades into the school; dozens of children were hurt, some needing medical attention.
In Tayibe Junction and Deir Jarayer, on the West Bank Hill Range, activists held a tour for journalists on Sunday this week. They also documented cuntinued settles’ invasions with their flocks into privately owned and tended Palestinian fields.

On Tuesday this week, Judo-Nazis attacked and severely stabbed a Palestinian inside a shopping mall on Agripas street.
At the weekly vigil in Sheikh Jarrah on Friday, policemen under the command of Inspector Ronen Hazut attacked demonstrators carrying Palestinian flags. Policemen grabbed the flags, destroying or confiscating them in blatant violation of the instruction issued by the Minister of Homeland Security, who’s in charge of the police. According to Hazut, this was done for ‘fear of violation of public order’. At the same time, settler vehicles intentionally drove into the demonstrators without being detained, and there was no fear of public order disturbances on the part of settlers who used a megaphone to amplify curses and vulgar profanities hurled at the demonstrators.

Jerusalem demolitions
On Tuesday, the occupation forces demolished a residential building at Jabal Mukabar.
According to B’Tselem, 66 Palestinians residents of East Jerusalem, 38 of them minors, have lost their homes in August 2021 alone. Since 2004 until the present, Israel demolished at least 1,150 Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem. Consequently, at least 3,725 people, of them 1,983 children, have become homeless.

Throughout the West Bank
The United Nations UNRWA agency reported that on Tuesday, Israeli soldiers fired teargas grenades at no less than 8 kindergartens and schools in the southern part of Hebron, causing the children to panic and run away. On Friday evening, a settler was documented using his pistol to shoot live fire at homes of Palestinian families, housing many children, in the Wadi Haseen neighborhood of Hebron.
On Friday, during the weekly demonstrations near Beita and Bet Dajan (Nablus district) protesting landgrab by the settlers, the Palestinian Red Crescent reported 217 Palestinians injured, some by rubber-coated bullets and others from inhaling teargas.