Sunday, September 12 2021 This week – September 5 – 11, 2021 – in the Occupied Territories

Israeli soldiers shot live fire on a raid on the village of Arabe, wounding a Palestinian in the head; 40 Palestinians were wounded by the Israeli army’s violence during the weekly demonstrations protesting the landgrab of villages Beita and Bet Dajan; Israeli soldiers joined ‘Yitzhar’ settlers/terrorists attack on a family home in the village of Bourin, wounding two of its dwellers and destroying property; Tawane villagers held a protest march to their own lands and were blocked by the Israeli army, 4 were arrested and released on the spot, and a ‘retribution’ checkpoint was put up at the entrance to the village; Israeli activists accompanied Palestinian shepherds and farmers all week in both northern and southern Palestinian Jordan Valley, against harassment by the army and settlers; the owner of ‘Omer Ranch’ outpost continues to expand his estate over local grazing and Waqf grounds; Judo-Nazis attacked and wounded Arab bus drivers in Jerusalem; demoltion works have begun in parts of the Al Yusufiya cemetery in Jerusalem, in preparation for a Biblical park on the site;

South Hebron Hills
On Sunday, a terrorist from the outpost ‘Havat Taliya’ prevented with threats a Palestinian water tanker driver from filling the waterhole in Bir Al Eid village. The small community remained without water until Thursday, when a water delivery reached them, assisted by local activists.
On Tuesday, September 7, the villagers of Tawane held a protest against land grabbing and army violence supporting the terrorist outpost settlers in the area. They marched towards the waterhole on their Humra plots, but were blocked on their way by a military force declaring it ‘closed military zone’, hurling teargas grenades and arresting 2 Palestinian activists, an Israeli activist and a Palestinian journalist. All 4 were freed on the spot. In the afternoon, the occupation forces installed a checkpoint at the entrance to Tawane, apparently as ‘retribution’. An activist returning schoolchildren to the village in his car was detained, and a regiment commander present at the site demanded that his car be searched for arms. The incident ended with police intervention. On Friday, once again settler flocks were documented invading privately owned Palestinian lands in Humra. That day, settlers also harassed a shepherd in the near-by Wadi Sweid lands.
In Rakeez and Susya, activists helped with farm work on Saturday and accompanied the Palestinian landowner of Umm Al Arais lands unhampered. In Rakeez, trees were reported uprooted from a Palestinian grove two weeks ago.

Palestinian Jordan Valley and West Bank Hill Range
Israeli soldiers made yet another attempt on Sunday to preven Palestinian herds from grazing near Hamra, in order to help the violent settler taking over lands in the area. However, the Palestinian shepherds and activists accompanying them remained in the area until grazing was over. Shepherd accompaniment took place in Hamra most days this week without special incident.
All week, activists accompanied shepherds in Makhoul and in Auja, and helped with farm work in Samara and En Sukut.
In Um Zuka, agricultural invasions by settlers and construction work were noted this week.
In Auja, the massive invasion of the ‘Omer Ranch’ outpost into new areas continues. Activists documented this week a water pipe extention connected to the pipe supplying a war memorial nearby, irrigation systems and trees planted, construction work and electric fences.
In Deir Jarayer on the West Bank Hill Range as well, settler flocks were once again documented invading privately owned and tended Palestinian fields.

On Sunday, September 5, the occupation authorities began to level parts of the Muslim cemetery Al Yusufiya in preparation for building a Biblical national park there.
Three Jewish boys attacked an Arab bus driver on Friday, September 10, smashed bus windows and hurled glass bottles; they also tried to attack the policemen who arrested them. They are suspected of throwing glass bottles at two more buses in Giv’at Ze’ev and damaging them, and sparying pepper gas at the drivers, who needed medical attention.
During the weekly vigil protesting the eviction of Palestinians from their homes in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, Israeli policemen once more attacked the participants. This time, however, the Minister of Homeland Security’s instructions were more or less respected, and most Palestine flags carried by the demonstrators remained intact.

Demolitions in Jerusalem
The occupation authorities demolished a structure in Sur Bahr on Saturday, and one in Silwan on Wednesday.

Throughout the West Bank
The Israeli army’s targeted shooting at Palestinians continues throughout the occupied areas: on Wednesday, a Palestinian man was wounded by live ammunition fired at his head as the army invaded the village of Arabe (Jenin district). On Friday, the Red Crescent reported 40 Palestinians wounded by soldiers’ violence during the weekly demonstrations protesting landgrab of the Palestinian villages of Beita (Nablus district), and Bet Dajan (Salfit district). The next day, Saturday, settlers coming out of the terrorist outpost ‘Yitzhar’ attacked a family home in Bourin village. Children and other family members were inside the house. According to eyewitnesses, three soldiers in uniform took part in this pogrom. Two of the family members were wounded, and the assailants destroyed solar systems and a water tank.