Sunday, June 13 2021 This week – June 6-12, 2021 – in the Occupied Territories

Mohammad Hmayel, 15-years-old, is the fourth Palestinian to be killed by the IDF shooting live fire at demonstrators in the village of Beita, who protest the new outpost ‘Evyatar’ built on their lands; Terrorist-settlers from ‘Havat Maon’ were forced to evacuate their new outpost near Mughayer Al Abeed, and next day returned to attack a Palestinian shepherd and his flock, wounding sheep and killing one – police arrested the attacked shepherd; Occupation forces demolished an encampment of 13 structures belonging to a Palestinian family, who’d settled on its grazing lands near Tayibe Junction due to settlers’ harassment in its usual summer seat; In Massafer Yatta, the Israeli authorities demolished two roads and cut water pipes serving most of the villages in the area

Palestinian Jordan Valley and the West bank Hill Range
At the Tayibe Junction area in the West Bank Hill Range, settler-colonists invaded tended Palestinian-owned fields with their flocks on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, in direct collaboration with the Israeli police who refused to intervene. On Monday, army came and destroyed the encampment of the Palestinian landowners at Muajarat. 13 structures, among them 4 homes, were destroyed – this after the family had moved to live on the land for fear of threats and harassments they suffered from settlers in their permanent spring/summer living site. An activist was detained during the demolitions. On Friday, activists took part in a harvesting day on the site.
On Tuesday, the occupation forces destroyed 3 structures at Bardala in the northern Palestinian Jordan Valley.
In Auja, Hamra and Farisiya, as well as in En Al Hilwa, Palestinian shepherds were accompanied to grazing this week. In Hamra, activists documented on Monday a settler from the nearby outpost harassing the shepherd, as he does on a regular basis, sticking close beside him, cursing and threatening him for a long while, then running into the flock and dispersing it. On Friday, the army joined the harassment and tried to chase away the flock. The shepherd and activists insisted on staying on the grounds until grazing was done, and did so. In Auja, on Thursday, the owner of the outpost ‘Havat Omer’ was documented as he came riding on his mini-tractor, escorted by Israeli soldiers, to scare a Palestinian flock of sheep.
On Friday, activists held a work day at Samra.

South Hebron Hills
On Tuesday (June 8) settler-colonists dismantled the new outpost near Mughayer Al Abeed and returned the flock that was kept there to the well-established outpost of ‘Havat Maon’. The next day, Wednesday, settler-colonists from ‘Havat Maon’ attacked a shepherd and his flock with stones in Mughayer Al Abeed. Several sheep were wounded and one died. The police arrived and even made an arrest – that of the Palestinian shepherd who was attacked. The same evening, the shepherd’s father waited for over 3 hours at the entrance to the Hebron police station in order to lodge a complaint about the attack, and was turned away. The next day, activists protested opposite the ‘courthouse’ at Ofer base, while the shepherd’s arrest was prolonged until Sunday, June 13, when the judge ordered his release and scolded the police for not checking the video of the attack against him, kept on his telephone, which had been confiscated. The same day, Thursday, gangs of settler-colonists came down to Mughayer Al Abeed. Activists were summoned, arrived and turned to the authorities, and the terrorists of ‘Havat Maon’ retreated. On Friday, too, masked settler-colonists came to threaten shepherds, but army forces arrived and the settlers left.
More from ‘Havat Maon’: on Sunday, a settler-colonist invaded a grain field with his flock in Harouba, causing damage. Expansion works, including casting concrete planes and fencing a new outpost opposite the entrance to the settlement ‘Maon’, went on this week, and were documented on Sunday and Wednesday.
On Tuesday, June 8, the occupation forces demolished a structure at Rakeez and a sheep pen at Tawane, and on Wednesday they destroyed and blocked two roads in Massafer Yatta, one coming down from Khalat a Dhaba and the other from Simra to the Massafer. Water pipes were exposed and cut. The blocking and cutting off water supply when the hot season had just begun affects most villages in the area: Jinba, Marakez, Halawa, Taban, Fakhit, Safai Foq Wa Tahta, Mughayer Al Abeed and Majaz.
On Saturday, June 12, Palestinian landowner in Umm Al Arais arrived there unhampered and the settlers stayed away. This followed a phone call from the army the day before, when he was requested to come without activists and not to cross a line marked on his lands ahead of time. The activists remained uphill at Simra, where they stayed on both on Friday and Saturday nights to protect the villagers from ‘Havat Yair’ terrorists, who have lately broken into their homes and run wild in the village.
Palestinian shepherds were accompanied on Saturday at Umm Al Imad, unhampered. At Tha’ala it was reported that settler-colonists chased away shepherds with their mini-tractor. Furthermore, a fresh farming incursion was documented from ‘Asael’ into the lands of Samo’a, and the outpost received about 10 new caravans.

On Thursday, June 10, opposite the District Court, a solidarity demonstration was held to protest the expulsion of hundreds of Palestinians from their homes in the Silwan neighborhood by settler-colonist associations. The protest took place during the court session on the appeal filed by several Palestinian families. The police dispersed the protestors using extreme violence, and arrested 4 participants.
On Friday, the High Follow-Up Committee for the Arabs in Israel joined the Sheikh Jarrah protest demonstration, and hundreds of demonstrators, Arabs and Jews, marched from the center of West Jerusalem to the neighborhood, where they held their weekly vigil opposite the apartheid barriers which the Israeli police had placed at the entrance to the quarter, partly taken over by settler-colonists.

On Friday, June 11, the Israeli army shot dead 15-year-old Mohammad Hmayel of Beita village (Nablus district) during the weekly protest demonstration against the establishment of a new outpost, ‘Evyatar’, on the village lands. 6 persons were wounded by live bullets and hospitalized. Mohammad Hmayel is the fourth (!) victim killed in the month-and-a-half of struggle against the ‘illegal’ outpost.