Sunday, April 11 2021 This week – April 4-10, 2021 – in the Occupied Territories

Throughout the Palestinian Jordan Valley, West Bank Hill Range and the South Hebron Hills, the harvest season has begun – exposing the extent of damage wrought in Palestinian fields by malevolant invasions of settler-colonists’ herds ; the Jerusalem police dispersed a quiet protest vigil in Sheikh Jarrah with stun grenades and severe violence – a Member of Knesset and 4 participants were wounded – residents call upon the public to join a large protest demonstration there this coming Friday; the occupation forces fired a sponge projectile at a boy in a greengrocer’s shop in Hebron, causing the loss of his eye

The Palestinian Jordan Valley and West Bank Hill Range
Every day of the week, at the Tayibe Junction and Deir Jarayer, activists had to chase flocks belonging to settler-colonists from Palestinians’ tended fields. Around the Tayibe Junction, when the settler-colonists see the activists, they usually take their flocks out of the fields. However, the settler-colonists from the outpost near Deir Jarayer split their flocks and invade more and more fields. On Wednesday settler-colonists from this outpost attacked an activist with a club and he needed hospital care, but returned to the site the next day with more activists.
Activists accompanying shepherds at Samara in the northern Palestinian Jordan Valley discovered that in fields belonging to Palestinians and close to the ‘Umm Zuka’ outpost, as well as in fields near the Israeli army base on road 578, flocks belonging to settler-colonists ate up the entire crop and no grain was left.
Activists also accompanied shepherds at Farisiya on Tuesday, and at Hamra on Wednesday and Friday. At Hamra the settler-colonists of the new outpost are preparing a celebration site that will make future access of shepherd communities to their grazing grounds even more difficult.
At Auja in the southern Palestinian Jordan Valley this week activists accompanied shepherds on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. On Tuesday soldiers prevented grazing and chased the shepherds away without showing an order to that effect, and on Wednesday settler-colonists and the soldiers who do their bidding allowed grazing for a shorter time.

South Hebron Hills
On Satureday, at Umm Al Arais, the landowner who had been attacked and severely wounded several weeks ago discovered that settler-colonists’ flocks have nearly eaten through all the grain in his fields next to the ‘Mitzpe Yair’ outpost.
On Tuesday, activists were summoned to lands of Shweike close to the ‘Mitzpe Eshtamo’a’ outpost because of settler-colonists invading grain fields. The activists summoned police, but until it arrived the invaders had already left.
On Monday, a shepherd from Umm Al Kheir was arrested for the first time as he grazed his flock west of road 317, opposite the cowshed of settler-colonies ‘Carmel’ and ‘Maon’. The shepherd was summoned for questioning on claims that the area was destined for settler-colonist grazing only, but when he arrived at the station, he was told that there was nothing against him. The next day, settler-colonists from the new outpost near the ‘Meitarim’ industrial zone chased away Zanouta shepherds.
Activists accompanied shepherds this week in Atariya on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday, and on Wednesday – at Bani Naim and Harouba near Tawane.
After settler-colonists and army forces once more began to harass Tawamin villagers, activists spent the night there on Wednesday. In addition, that night activists also stayed at the Simra community, near ‘Mitzpe Yair’.
On Thursday settler-colonists from ‘Havat Maon’ began to erect an additional outpost between Tawane and Touba. Activists who came there on Saturday saw a group of about 6 settler-colonists who invaded a cave and erected a tent.
As they are wont every Friday, this week too Palestinians and activists held a work and protest day in the area where settler-colonists began infrastructure works north of road 317, opposite the ‘Maon’ settler-colony.

This week, on Wednesday the occupation forces demolished 3 structures in Issawiya and another 3 in Beit Hanina.
On Monday, activists held a protest vigil opposite the Supreme Court Building in Jerusalem while a session was ongoing inside, about the JNF’s intention to evict the Sumarin family from its home in Silwan and hand it over to settler-colonists.
On Friday, the police decided to violently disperse a quiet protest vigil in Sheikh Jarrah. A Member of Knesset was severely beaten by policemen, and at least 4 participants were lightly injured by stun grenades hurled at the demonstrators.
The neighborhood inhabitants – who face eviction and seizure of their homes by settler-colonists – call upon the public to support their stance and join a large demonstration that will take place there this coming Friday.
We will meet at the Sheikh Jarrah Garden, Nablus Road and Dahlmann St. at at 4 p.m

On Friday morning, anniversary day of the Deir Yassin massacre, 20 vehicles were discovered with punctured tires and “Stop assimilation!” graffiti on the walls of Kafr Kamana in the Galilee.
In Hebron that day, the occupation forces fired a sponge projectile at a boy who was inside a greengrocer’s shop, and he lost his eye. Video documentation clearly shows that he was not involved in any kind of rioting when shot