Sunday, February 7 2021 This week – January 31-February 6, 2021

Another round of demolition and destruction of the Humsa community in the northern Palestinian Jordan Valley – 46 structures were demolished and all of the inhabitants’ property confiscated – the next day the villagers and activists began rebuilding, supported by the Palestinian Authority and diplomats who came to express their solidarity; this week the Israeli army held massive maneuvers in the Yatta area for two whole days, during which the forces passed through Palestinian communities and caused heavy damages; settler-colonists attacked Palestinian shepherds near Tawane village, invaded sheep pens around Auja, and continue chasing away flocks everywhere; home demolitions throughout the Occupied Territories; On Saturday night, hundreds of Palestinians and Israelis held a joint march protesting the occupation and settler-colonist takeover of the Silwan neighborhood in Jerusalem, and then joined the demonstrators at Balfour St. near the Israeli Prime Minister’s residence;

Palestinian Jordan Valley
On Monday and Wednesday this week the occupation forces returned to Humsa Al Fauqa, in the northern Palestinian Jordan Valley, where a massive demolition of village structures had taken place last November. This week another 46 structures were demolished and property of inhabitants confiscated. Its return to its owners is conditioned by their moving elsewhere. On Wednesday soldiers also tried to prevent activists from reaching the site during the demolition actions, and even threatened that anyone entering would be shot, but activists reached the communities, were with the villagers during the demolitions, and documented them. The documentation clearly shows how occupation forces prevented the villagers from saving any of their belongings, and confiscated everything. The next day, Thursday, the activists came during a solidarity visit held by staff members of the Palestinian Authority, the UN and the European Union. Activists brought primary equipment and began rebuilding structures for the villagers and their livestock. Since a Civil Administration officer threatened that the forces would come and re-demolish anything rebuilt, activists remained with the community overnight.
On Sunday, Monday and Thursday activists accompanied shepherds of Humra, Farisiya and En Al Hilwa in the northern Palestinian Jordan Valley. Settler-colonists and the army forces doing their bidding chased away the shepherds and their accompaniers from grazing grounds of Farisiya on Sunday, and En Al Hilwa on Thursday.
In the southern Palestinian Jordan Valley activists accompanied shepherds in the Auja area on Wednesday and Thursday, both days unhampered. On Sunday, activists were alerted to Ras En Al Auja because of settler-colonists who came to the communities and entered sheep pens with the excuse that they were searching for their stolen sheep, which naturally they did not find, and left. Army and police forces summoned to the site by villagers and activists did not show up.
Activists were called upon to come to the Tayibe Junction and Deir Jarayer area on the West Bank Hill Range on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday following flocks belonging to settler-colonists that entered Palestinian privately-owned and tended fields. At nearby En A-Rashash, on Wednesday the occupation forces demolished a structure.
Accompaniment of Palestinian shepherds to grazing grounds in both areas, West Bank Hill range and the Auja area, involves a great number of activists, and many more are needed during the next few weeks.

South Hebron Hills
On Tuesday and Wednesday this week, the occupation army held a massive maneuver in the Yattas area, reaching far out of the declared firing zones there. During the maneuver, and in spite of explicit promises by the army that they would not enter villages and tended fields, the forces with their armored vehicles and canons passed through the village of Jinba, scaring the villagers and damaging infrastructures and a cave. They then continued from Jinba up to Bir Al Eid, damaging the track itself, water holes and tended fields on both its sides, and from there continued still to lands belonging to Atariya and Thawamin. Many activists stayed with the communities during the maneuver days, and documented the harsh damages done. A shepherd community living in Hashem A-Daraj was issued an order on Sunday, instructing it to leave because of the maneuvers, as well as a demolition order for a tent serving shepherds there during grazing seasons. On Tuesday army officers came again, demanded that the community leave the area, and threatened to use force. The villagers remained on their land.
On Friday settler-colonists came to Thawamin lands again, and tried to chase away shepherds who are the known landowners.
This week the occupation forces demolished and confiscated 3 structures at Deir Samir near the town of Dura, and destroyed an electricity line. At Khalat A-Far’oun close to the access road to settler-colony ‘Pnei Hever’, the forces demolished another structure.
On Saturday activists returned to document the damages done by the army maneuver around Jinba and Bir Al Eid. Activists also accompanied shepherds to grazing at Umm Al Imad, and farm works at Rakiz. In the afternoon they were summoned to Tawane, where a group of several dozens of settler-colonists attacked shepherds around Haruba. The settler-colonists threw stones and attacked with dogs. They left when the army arrived, and the activists remained around there to make sure they wouldn’t return.

Throughout the Occupied Territories and Jerusalem
On Friday settler-colonists shot to death an unarmed man, inhabitant of Ras al Karkar (Ramallah district) who came to the outpost ‘Sde Efrayim Ranch’. According to the outpost settler-colonists, he tried to enter a house on this ranch. His family members claim he came to his privately owned land on which this outpost has been erected.
In addition to the massive demolition in Humsa, the occupation forces also demolsiehd 13 structure in Jalame (Jenin district), and another 5 in nearby Anin. A structure was also demolished at Khirbet Jbara (Tulkarm district), and 3 structures in Hebron.
In Jerusalem this week the occupation authorities demolished a residential house in Ras Al Amud. On Monday, during a demonstration of settler-colonists at the entrance to the city, several of the protesters tried to attack a vehicle with Palestinians inside. The car was rescued by passersby.
On Saturday night, February 6, a large demonstration took place in Silwan, with hundreds of activists and residents, protesting the theft of homes of Palestinian inhabitants and their takeover by settler-colonists. Hundreds of Palestinian and Israeli demonstrators marched together from Silwan along the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem, protesting the occupation and calling for Jewish-Arab solidarity. On the way, a policeman grabbed a Palestinian flat from one of the demonstrators. Finally the march joined the people demonstrating against the Israeli Prime Minister and his corruption, near his official residence on Balfour Street.
The weekly protest in Sheikh Jarrah takes place every Friday. The residents of Sheikh Jarrah are protesting their violent evictions from their homes, the taking over of the neighborhood by the settlers, and the Judaization of East Jerusalem. They call upon each and every person who supports their struggle to join them.