Monday, November 2 2020 This week – October 25-31, 2020 – in the Occupied Territories

Israeli army forces destroyed the central water pipe serving Palestinian communities in the Massafer Yatta area this week – in addition to massive home demolitions throughout the Occupied Territories and Jerusalem; shepherds from En Al Hilwa in the Palestinian Jordan Valley were assaulted by a settler-colonist on his mini-tractor who killed a cow and injured others; settler-colonists continue to harass olive harvesters and vandalize their olive groves – please join actions helping the harvesters at this time!

photo: Olive harvesters in the South Hebron Hills, October 30, 2020

South Hebron Hills
On Tuesday, October 27, the Israeli occupation forces demolished three structures at Simiya (west of Samu’a), and a dwelling and water hole at Birin. They later returned to Birin and confiscated a tractor shovel. The next day, Wednesday, the Israeli army went on a rampage of exposing and destroying a water main that served several communities in Massafer Yatta, within the area declared ‘firing zone 918’.
On Friday Israeli activists participated in the olive harvest at Rakiz, and on Saturday accompanied shepherds from Umm Zaitouna. Both occasions went unhampered. Illegal construction was observed in the illegal settler-colonist outpost of Abigail, expanding into privately-owned Palestinian land, as well as the use (as a swimming pool) of a privately-owned water hole belonging to a Palestinian family.
An activist tour at the new outpost erected on “Antenna Hill” in Birin land showed that the structure there has been enlarged, but no settler-colonists were seen at the site.
On Saturday morning, October 31, settler-colonists invaded privately-owned land of Palestinian Susya villagers, that is closed even to Israelis under a ‘closed military zone’ order – and tried to chase away a Palestinian shepherd whose family owns the land. Villagers summoned police, but when it came it merely documented the vehicles of the invading settler-colonists, but did not remove them, for as the policeman claimed: since it is the Sabbath and the vehicle owners are religious Jews, they cannot be removed…

Palestinian Jordan Valley
In the northern part of the Palestinian Jordan Valley, on Tuesday this week activists mapped a fence erected by settler-colonists near the settler-colony Hemdat, preventing shepherds of Makhoul and Al Hadidiya from accessing their grazing grounds. The next day, the shepherds were accompanied by activists and grazing went unhampered.
Shepherds from En Al Hilwa reported that about two weeks ago they were attacked by a settler-colonist from the outpost west of Maskiyot settler-colony. According to this report, the settler-colonist ran wild with his mini-tractor right into their cattle flock, killing a cow and injuring others. Shepherds from Farisiya reported that last Friday, settler-colonists came to their encampment and threatened them.
At Auja in the southern Palestinian Jordan Valley, activists accompanied shepherds this week on Tuesday and Thursday, and grazing went unhampered.

Throughout the Occupied Palestinian Territories
During this week, the occupation forces demolished 5 structures in Tayibe (Hebron district), a dwelling at Wadi Aby Hindi east of Jerusalem, a structure at A-Tayibe north of Jenin, and another structure in Salfit.
In Jerusalem, the authorities demolished a building in Anata, another in Beit Hanina, and another in Sur Bahr.
The settler-colonists continue to vandalize the olive harvest. On Monday, October 26, farmers of Mughayer discovered that during the night settler-colonists from the nearby outposts had uprooted 150 adult, fruitful olive trees. On Friday, it was reported that settler-colonists of Rehelim cut and brought down wooden electricity poles that provide electricity to the village of A-Sawiya and its surrounding (Salfit district). On Sunday, November 1, security cameras at an A-Sawiya nursery recorded several boys in Jewish religious garb, driving a car with Israeli license plates at 2 a.m., entering the nursery, stealing saplings, and wreaking extensive damage.
Activists participated in the olive harvest throughout the occupied Palestinian Territories all week.