Sunday, May 10 2020 This week – May 3 – 9, 2020 – in the Occupied Territories

A settler-colonist of the Lucifer outpost in the South Hebron Hills chased away a Palestinian who was harvesting lentils from his own field, and stole the crop; the last community who survived settler-colonist terrorism around the Tayube junction on the West Bank hill range is in desperate need of activist presence; the Jerusalem district police is back brutalizing East Jerusalem’s Issawiya neighborhood with a frequency and violence unseen since the activist vigils began there last year;
Harvesting a field robbed by the settler-colonists of outpost Lucifer

East Jerusalem
The Jerusalem district police has returned to the Issawiya neighborhood with the frightening degrees of brutality that preceded our vigils there. Nearly every day large forces of Border Police and Special Police enter the neighborhood, disrupt traffic, cause crowding, hand out fines and carry out arrests. Renewed vigils are being considered.

The Palestinian Jordan Valley and West Bank hill range
Around Tayibe junction on the hill range, the settler-colonists of the new outpost along with their flocks invade the Palestinians’ sown fields nearly every day, and eat up the meager vegetation still growing there. The settler-colonists also come to the encampments, demand of the Palestinians to leave and threaten them. Most of the Palestinian communities around the area have given up and left. Only a single community is left, and its members are begging for the presence of Israeli activists in situ, that remains their only defense: When the activists are present, the settler-colonists do not enter the tended fields and keep their distance. This week activists were on duty there nearly every day.
On Thursday, May 7, a settler-colonist from the new outpost brought a combine and began to reap the grass on state land that is not tended and serves as grazing ground for both Palestinians and settler-colonists. Activists reported to the police, and a force of Border Police arrived, preventing the continuation of this work.
Daily presence of activists is needed in this area. Please join. Contact Arik:
Palestinian shepherds in the Auja area reported this week that a settler-colonist from the outpost Havat Omer has resumed chasing away their flocks. Consequently, three days this week activists accompanied the shepherds. The settler-colonists stopped their action and sent the army that distanced the shepherds from the outpost.
For the accompaniment there too activists are needed over the week. Please contact Arik: 050-5607034

South Hebron Hills
Last Friday, May 8, a settler-colonist of the Lucifer outpost chased away a Palestinian of the village Bir Al ‘Id who was out harvesting lentils in his own field, and threatened him not to return. The settler-colonist also chased away the flock of the field owner that was there. When the field owner returned to the field after recollecting his flock, he discovered that the entire day’s crop was stolen. He reported to the police that even arrived.
The next day, Saturday, May 9, activists accompanied the owner to the field, helped him work, and finished the lentil harvest there.
This week, following legal proceedings, the police contacted the owner of the lands on which settler-colonists began preparing a track for motorcycle races near the entrance to the settler-colony of Sham’a. According to the police it has located the person responsible for this and is acting upon it.