Sunday, December 8 2019 Taayush weekly report (December 1-7, 2019)

Police arrested two children at home in Issawiya, beat them up and released them that very evening; a large demonstration – protesting the harassment of the Jerusalem police at Issawiya neighborhood – took place opposite the Russian Compound (seat of the Jerusalem police HQ), with Knesset members participating; the occupation forces demolished six structures in Mughayer Al Abid in the South Hebron Hills

The volunteers standing vigil at Issawiya had two quiet days this week, but for the rest of the time police forces, Border Police and Special Police continued their assault against the neighborhood, including blocking roads, foot patrols, arrests, and general disruption of everyday life and confrontations trying to create friction. On Sunday, December 1, the forces arrested two children at home and released them that evening after beating them up. On Monday, Special Police responded with teargas ammunition after a child cursed them. Massive forces entered and harassed residents, documented on Thursday as well.

On Saturday night, December 7, another demonstration was held protesting the continued police harassment of the neighborhood residents, this time opposite the persons directly responsible: Jerusalem District HQ. A large number of demonstrators including MKs, public figures and artists participated. (See event covered here

Palestinian Jordan Valley and hill range
At Rashash on the hill range, activists accompanied shepherds on three weekdays, without any special incident. Shepherd accompaniment also took place in Auja in the southern Palestinian Jordan Valley, as well as in Hadidiya near Hemdat settler-colony, and in Faresiya near Rotem settler-colony, in the northern area. A settler-colonist from the new outpost near Hemdat was recorded invading privately-owned Palestinian ground and plowing it. On Saturday, December 7, plowing was accompanied by volunteers at Hadidiya, and this too was unhampered.

The South Hebron Hills
On Thursday, December 5, the occupation forces demolished six structures at Mughayer Al Abid, three of them residences. That day, Palestinian farmers were also attacked by settler-colonists at Um Al Arais during plowing that had been pre-coordinated with the army near the outpost Mitzpe Yair. The assailants also vandalized a sack of seed brought by the plowers. Army forces present distanced the settler-colonists and enabled the plowing to proceed, but did not prevent the attack itself and did not detain any of its participants.

On Saturday, December 7, activists accompanied shepherds at Umm Al Imad and at Wadi Swayd, and helped clear rubble of last week’s demolitions at Mughayer Al Abid.

photo by Oren Ziv