Monday, November 18 2019 This Week (November 10-17) in Issawiye, Jordan Valley, and South Mt. Hebron
photo by Oren Ziv

Police arrested the activist Muhammad Abu Hummus from Issawiye. He was beaten while in custody and evacuated to hospital. He was charged with assaulting a policemean, and released after having spent three nights in jail. In his ruling, the judge decalred that it was the Police who brutally assaulted Abu Hummus. Police continued its violent harassment and arrests in Issawiye, and again tried to plant evidence in a staircase. Activists staged protest vigils in front of Jerusalem’s Mayor’s home, demanding to stop police brutality in Issawiye. Settlers have escalated assailts on shepherds in Rashash, and one of them knocked down an activist accompanying the shepherds, hitting him violently. Settlers from Havat Ma’on sicked a dog on a Palestinian youth, and he was evacuated to a hospital with injuries.

Large forces of Police, Border Patrol, and Special Forces continue to invade the neighborhood each hour of the day or night, creating friction and inciting to violence.
Activists held vigils and documented throughout the week.
On Monday (November 11) Special Forces were seen entering a staircase, planted some used fireworks, and photographed them. Neighbors came out and asked whether they were busy planting evidence and taking their pictures, and demanded that they remove whatever they had brought and leave. The forces did not answer, but left.
On Thursday (November 14) Muhammad Abu Hummus, a central figure and activist in Issawiye, was arrested and taken for interrogation. On the way, he was beaten by Police, even though he is handicapped and still suffering from injuries inflicted on him by cops the previous Saturday. He was evacuated to hospital even before the interrogation. On Friday he was brought before a judge for extension of his arrest on the pretext of assaulting a policeman on Saturday. Video documentation provided by the Defence proved irrefutably that the charge was false. The judge ruled on his immediate release, and specified in her ruling that the video showed police brutality that ought to be investigated by the Police Investigation Unit. Police appealed the ruling, and Muhammad remained in custody until Sunday. Regional Court Judge on Sunday ruled it was Police brutality and ordered the release of Muhammad.
On Saturday, November 16, a protest vigil was held in from of Jerualem’s Mayour’s home, demanding he takes responsibility for the fate of his city’s residents, and order the Police to stop the campaign of abuse and harassment against the residents of Issawiye.

Jordan Valley
In Rashash, the violence of settlers reached new levels, and on Monday, November 11, one of them attacked an activist accompanying Palestinian shepherds, knocking him down to soil, and beat him gravely. Police and military forces that were called to the spot arrived late, as usual. A complaint was lodged at the police office. Activists accompanied shepherds on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and each time the settlers harassed and yelled, trying to expel the shepherds. To no avail.
In the illegal outpost near Al Hamma, north Jordan Valley, we noticed massive construction, including concrete casting. Soldiers were securing the works.
In the area of Hemdat in north Jordan Valley, activists accompanied Palestinian shepherds as well.

South Mt. Hebron
On Friday (November 15), sttlers from Havat Ma’on invaded the cultivated lands of Palestinians from Tuwane, in spite of a military ordonnance forbidding their entry. They left only when residents and activists came out towards them, but they sicked their dog on a Palestinian youth, causing grave dog-bites in the boy’s arm, necessitating hospital care. Activists who were present showed documention and videos of the assault to Police and Military forces who arrived on the scene later on.
Activists accompanied shepherds in Wadi Sweid and Attaiya, un-hindered.