Tuesday, April 26 2016 Taayush activity, Satrday, 23.4.16

| photo: Amir Bitan |

Amitai Ben Abba:
During Ta’ayush work on Saturday 4/23/2016, our friend Na’el was forbidden from accessing grazing land close to the Susya settlement. Civil Administration, police, and soldiers forced him out of the area, showing an outdated and irrelevant warrant, threatening him with arrest if he stays with his sheep on that thin stretch of barley. Being intimately familiar with the brutality of the occupation, Na’el chose to herd his sheep away, although his access to this land has been legally confirmed countless times before. In a phone call from one of our lawyers this morning, the Civil Administration commander who has authored yesterday’s expulsion confirmed that he had made a mistake yesterday, and that Na’el will be allowed to access in the future. As usual, the incompetence of the Israeli Occupation’s bureaucrats comes at the expense of Palestinians.

Three weeks ago I witnessed an attack on Na’el as three settlers from Susya and Mitzpe Yair came to scatter the herd and physically assault him and another shepherd. As I held a camera with footage of the assault, they pursued me as well, to no avail. When police and military arrived at the scene, they arrested one of the settlers, Shilo Deutsch, but also one of the shepherds, for good measure, in their routinely Kafkaesque version of justice.

We had also accompanied Sa’id to his land in Umm al-Arayes, and, after the incident close to Susya, helped to harvest a vegetable called Kursanni with friends from the village of Simre, whose land is at close vicinity to the violent outpost Mitzpe Yair.