Sunday, April 10 2016 Taayush activity, Satrday, 10.4.16

| photo: Amir Bitan |

Amitai Ben-Abba: Kids in Umm Al Kheir playing in the ruins of their houses, joyfully shattering pieces of styrofoam formerly used as insulation between the thin copper walls.
Israeli forces demolished six homes in this small South Hebron Hills village last week. Meanwhile, new two-storied houses stand vacant in the Jewish settlement of Karmel 50 meters away, on the other side of a fence.
A wave of demolitions has been washing the West Bank in 2016, hitting particularly hard in the South Hebron Hills and in the Jordan Valley. As part of the weekly Ta’ayush activity we helped recover and rebuild in Umm Al Khair yesterday. Houses will be rebuilt and the villagers are committed to cling steadfastly to their land.
But there is little resistance happening in the Jordan Valley. In a slow process of ethnic cleansing with the usual tools of declared firing zones, house demolitions, limited access to water, no freedom of movement etc., 200-300 thousands of Palestinians were displaced from their land in the Jordan Valley. Stay tuned and join us as we expand our activity in the following months to stop this process and change the picture.