Saturday, October 26 2013 A soldier using physical and verbal violence in Umm el ‘Arais

Saturday morning, ‘Awad family lands in Umm el ‘Arais. These lands had been invaded by the settlers of Mitzpeh Yair, an illegal outpost they founded near by, then some illegal green houses were built there as well, in which organic vegetables have been growing and producing some nice profit. In the last couple of years, parallel to struggling in court, the ‘Awad family has been attempting to reach it’s lands each Saturday, accompanied by Ta’ayush activists. Each time, they have been blocked by soldiers and policemen, and sometimes detained or arrested as well. In this video, a soldier is shown while presenting an invalid closed military zone order, pushing and swearing. Later on, he detains two of the activists who have been accompanying the land owners.

Watch the video made by Ta’ayush activists