Friday, April 19 2013 Ta’ayush activists halt work on a new “security” road near the settlement of Otniel

On April 10th 2013, work on a new “security” road began southeastof the settlement of Otniel; the road trespasses private Palestinianland and is being bult without the land owners’ permission. It seems that the purpose of the new road is to annex additional Palestinian land to the settlement and to deny Palestinians accessto this annexed land.
An urgent call brought Ta’ayush activists to the the site in order to prevent further work on this new road. We called the Civil Adminstration and the police, who issued an order to stop the work. Fortunately, we managed to stop the construction of the road for the time being. Building additional “security roads” further and further away from settlements and outposts is a common tactic used by forces of occupation to gain control over Palestinian land and deny Palestinians access to them. The fact that the road is completely unauthorized makes no difference on the ground. Once such a road is built, the settlers and other forces of occupation consider it a new boundary!

Watch the film made by Taauysh activist Guy