Friday, November 18 2011 Immediate Danger to Homes in Dakeika and Yavneh. Upcoming Danger in Silwan

A Minute Before Shabbat:
Immediate Danger to Homes in Dakeika and Yavneh.  Upcoming Danger in Silwan

Volunteers Needed

Question:  What is the connection between homes in Yavneh, Dakeika in the S. HebronHills, and Silwan?

Answer:  Families are in danger of losing their homes.

We have spoken before about Rachel Levi – A single parent who has been fighting for years not to be evicted from the Amidar (public housing) apartment she grew up in.  A few months ago the threat was temporarily lifted when the mayor of Yavneh intervened and demanded that Amidar not evict Rachel before meeting with him in order to find a solution.  She received a letter from the CEO of Amidar to this effect.  However, she recently received a “flexible” eviction order allowing for eviction for three months starting on November 1st.  On Thursday the court rejected her appeal to have the order frozen.  She has asked for a presence in her home starting Sunday.  You can call Rabbi Kobi at 050-2345251 or our office at 02-6482757.

RHR has been working for years to prevent the demolition of Dakeika in the S. Hebron Hills. Like in the entire OT, there is catch-22 situation manipulating zoning laws to make it almost impossible to build legally, and then demolishing buildings without permits.  That is why we have appealed to the High Court to return Palestinian planning in Area C to Palestinian hands.  In the case of Dakeika we received time to create a new zoning plan at our expense.  However, it is not yet ready, and the homes can be demolished as of the 20th.  The High Court, in an amazingly cynical decision, refused to give us an extension because we submitted on the 17th and we had until the 20th.  Call Rabbi Arik 050-5607034 or our office 02-6482757.

Himnuta is a corporation 99%-100% owned by the Jewish National Fund to do work it doesn’t want to be associated with in the Occupied Territories.  Ownership of the Somorin family  home in Silwan was transferred to the Custodian for Absentee Property in 1967 because the owner was out of the country, although the rest of the family was there.  In 1991 the Custodian transferred it to Himnuta instead of to the present family members.  Having exhausted legal remedies, they are in danger of being thrown into the street as of November 28th.  We will be in touch next week about what to do, but you can sign up to be a presence or on call at 02-6482757