Thursday, November 3 2011 A solidarity visit to the Dqeiqa village

Last Tuesday, The Israeli Civil Administration (Hminahl hahezrachi), The IDF and the police have arrived in the Bedouin Village Dqeiqa.

The village which has existed since the Ottoman period, is located in the eastern, more desert like, side of the South Mt. Hebron.

There are 400 inhabitants in the village, who are living in poverty and severe conditions:  no electricity, no flowing water, no cellular reception, EST.

The civil administration came in order to evacuate them.

36 demolition orders were delivered that day.

The Orders apply to 46 buildings. Including; residential buildings build out of blocks,

metal shacks, tents, sheds, cistern,  and a excavation that was meant to be a new cistern.

Other buildings include pens for animels and 5 building that are used as lavatories.

The orders will directly influence the lives of 220 people and the animels:700 sheeps, 20 camels, 55 poultries and 3 donkeys,  living in the village.

More information about the legal status of the village, can be found at the “Rabbis for Human Rights” page: The State against the village of Dqeiqa