Saturday, January 1 2011 restoration of the cisterns in Um Daraj, solidarity visit to Susya and cleaning the cistern in Bir El Id

Today we started with cleaning one of the thirteen cisterns destroyed by the army in December 2010. The cistern is in the area of Um Daraj and we reached it by a roundabout way and went down into the wadi where it used to be. Only the mounds of earth left by the bulldozers hinted that until quite recently there was a cistern here. We set to work on the restoration. We had spades, hoes and a pick-axe. The work proceeded quickly. In a few hours we had uncovered the opening of the cistern and removed enough earth from inside it to see that there was still some water in it.

At the same time some of the activists took part in a solidarity visit organized by “Breaking the Silence” to the family of Khajaria Sara in Susya whose tents had been set on fire by settlers in the middle of the night.

A third group of activists continued to clean the cistern in Bir El Id which we had started to clean the week before.

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