Saturday, December 4 2010 Attempt to pump water in Bir al-Eid

Ta’ayush activists and international volunteers arrived in the South Hebron Hills this Saturday morning in order to assist Hajj Ziad in pumping water from a Palestinian well. Avidan Ofir and another settler appeared, and again created a provocation. The army, in its turn, declared the area a closed military zone and prevented the pumping of water. A week ago, representatives of the Civil Administration had convinced Hajj Ziad to arrive at the well without “the leftists” and pump water without disturbance. He did so, arriving with his oldest son Taleb to the well. The army was indeed in the area to protect them. Yet this did not in any way prevent the hooligans of Mitzpe Yair from attacking attacking Hajj Ziad and slashing the four tires of his tractor. The soldiers meanwhile looked on from the side without taking any action to prevent the vandalism. Hajj Ziad filed a complaint, yet none of the attackers has yet been apprehended  – though they are known to the police. The son of Mordechai Deutsch, Shilo, also took part in this celebration; his verbal acrobatics suggest the apple has not fallen far from the tree. His pearls of wisdom are no doubt worthy of being commemorated by the Jewish National Fund.

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