Saturday, June 27 2009 Accompanying farmers in Khirbet Safa

After the destruction of the plot of fruit trees and grapevines this week, about fifty Israeli and international activists gathered in Safa to join the farmers who set out in the direction of their fields. Today, instead of meeting us in the valley, like in the previous months, large army and police forces were waiting for us at the exit from the village on our way to the fields. No explanation or struggle succeeded – once again our entrance to the fields was denied through the use of an arbitrary ‘closed military zone’ order. In accordance with the army’s recent policy of escalation in support of the settlers, the security forces began evacuating activists and farmers in a very violent manner. One Palestinian farmer, severely beaten, had his leg broken, and an Israeli activist was hurried to receive medical treatment for a possibly broken hand. Eight activists were arrested violently near the village; even after the return of the remainder of the farmers and activists to the village, the brigade commander decided to continue the chase. Seven more activists were arrested in the course of the subsequent evacuation, which occurred within the village itself. Finally, the rest of the activists were arrested and brought to the police station as they were leaving the village. All 26 arrestees were released within a few hours.

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