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Saturday, May 29 2010 Accompanying Shepherds in Mufkarah and Abu Kabitah, Harvest in Susya and a Demonstration in Hebron

As usual two small groups went to accompany shepherds in the area of Mufkarah and on the lands of Abu Katibah, places which often suffer harassment by settlers and the security forces.  In both places the grazing took place without incident.

Another group of activists arrived at Susya in order to help with the harvest.

We began harvesting a small field near the Susya settlement.

Just as we were finishing the harvest in that field, the officer of the unit stationed in that area appeared.  The officer asserted that because of “security” reasons the field was declared a closed military zone.  We attempted to convince the officer that the decision of the High Court and Army directives do not allow the closure of an area in such a way that it prevents farmers from accessing their lands and that harvesting produce does not constitute a security threat to any of the residents of Susya but to no avail.  Four activists were arrested, taken to the police station in Kiryat Arba and were released after being taken to the police officer close to midnight.

The rest of the activists continued to Bir El-Eid, close to the illegal outpost Mitzpeh Yair.  We met with the residents and tried to listen to their problems in order to help them in the future.

Afterwards the majority of the group continued to the weekly demonstration in Hebron.  One hundred and fifty activists were present in the demonstration.  The march ended peacefully aside from disturbance by the settlers who poured water on the marches from the windows of the houses (with the air of a pipe….)  It seems that in the Jewish community in Hebron they have not heard about the water crisis in the reigon.

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