Tuesday, August 10 2010 Further Demolitions in El-Arakib

The demolition in El-Arakib this morning, the third in two weeks (accounts of previous actions can be read here, here and here) was entirely petty.  What else can be demolished in a village razed to its foundations less than a week previously, the majority of whose residents have in any case fled because of fear?

We arrive around two AM.  The area is full of destroyed houses, reminiscent of the destruction of the Temple, and in a few lonely shacks, scattered over the area, lights in the doorways.  We spread out among the shacks, speak with the residents and try to sleep a bit, still unsure whether or not, and hoping with all our hearts that it is, a false alarm.

Near six in the morning our hopes were dashed.  I wake up in a moment and see around me tens of police cars, a water cannon or skunk bomb and tens of riot police.  They form a line.  The heavy machinery arrives in the area.  We do not try to resist.  Even though the number of police is much smaller than in the first demolition, it is clear to us that there is no sense in resistance.

The bulldozers begin to demolish the shacks and tents.  We are forced below, gathering around one of the shacks.  The hooligans are already on our heals, driving us further.

The police commander in the area explains to us how important it is that we all honor the law.  The state, so it seems, does not participate in this agreement.  He also is not troubled by the face that the police under his command are not wearing name badges, against the law.  They have a new policy, it appears: I give him the number which appears on the police officer’s uniform and I “will be given all the information.”  Happy is he who believes!

They take a stolen water tank.

At the end, when nothing else remained to be destroyed, they leave.

10-08-10 03

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