Saturday, November 1 2008 Focal points of stress in Hebron

For the last fortnight the Palestinian residents of Hebron have been at the height of a wave of continuous attacks by gangs of settlers who see in attacking Palestinians and damaging their property a way of avenging themselves on the legal establishment for every attempt to remove an illegal outpost.

Ta’ayush activists, Rabbis for Human Rights, Anarchists against the Wall and other human rights activists, together with international activists, were called on several times for help by the Palestinian residents who were attacked by stones and beaten. The study of these events shows that the presence of activists in the area not only gives the Palestinian residents a feeling of security but also makes the police and the army interfere more quickly and helps to document the activities of the violent settlers and make the public aware of them.

In the course of these activities several Palestinians and activists were wounded and their cameras broken or stolen.