Wednesday, February 25 2009 Ceremony commemorating the victims of the massacre at Me-arat Hamachpela (Cave of the Patriarchs), on the 15th anniversary of their passing

Yesterday, February 25, on the 15th anniversary of the massacre perpetrated by Baruch Goldstein, we held a joint Israeli-Palestinian commemoration ceremony for the victims, in Wadi Hussein, Hebron. Goldstein murdered 29 Palestinians and wounded many more. Some of the families of the deceased and a number of victims who were wounded attended the ceremony. During this moving ceremony a number of speeches were given among the speakers were Issa Amro and Chagit Ofran.

Though it was a quiet ceremony and not near the Jewish settlement, the police tried to selectively block the entrance of left-wing activists into Hebron using a closed military zone order, and detained 5 of the activists for questioning.

We will continue to insist on our right for a joint, Jewish-Palestinian, non-violent struggle against the apartheid regime in Hebron. History has taught us that sooner or later this struggle will succeed, and this is exactly what the “Security Forces” fear.

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