Saturday, April 24 2010 Escorting shepherds, Planting and Demonstrating in Hebron

Escorting shepherds in the area of Mufakkara, and on the land of Abu Kbita in the area of Yatir was successful.  Other groups of activists escorted farmers in a number of places around Susya.  We returned to plant on the land of the Moor family, where settlers plowed a while ago,
and where settlers had uprooted the trees we planted last week (April 17).

Three other groups assisted in the harvest work near the Susya junction, where there are neighboring settlements and the road that serves the “Mitzpeh Yair” outpost.

The area was attended by members of the police, and the administrator of civilian defense, who enabled the work and removed settlers and military forces that tried to prevent it.  The man from the civil administration even granted the shepherds their right to graze in Umm Zeitune, where they continued their grazing without disturbance.

After completing the work, the activists left for Hebron, where we had been called to support a protest against tours organized by the settlers every Saturday with a military escort in the area of the Palestinian casbah.  The protesters succeeded in preventing the tour from being carried out.  A Palestinian activist and three Israeli activists were arrested.  While the Israeli activists were released the same day, the Palestinian activist was held in detention until Tuesday, and only then following a hearing before a judge, was he released in restricted conditions.