Friday, March 26 2010 Weekly Demontrations in Sheikh Jarrah Continue

Ta’ayush activists continue to take part in the weekly demonstrations in Sheikh Jarrah. Despite police efforts to restrict the protests to a distant and secluded site, the activists succeed weekly to move part of the protest into the area of the houses, which were stolen from their Palestinian owners and put into settler hands. Last Friday, 3.26.2010, during the weekly demonstration, a group of roughly 50 activists managed to hold a protest vigil next to the Shepherd Hotel, where settler organizations have lately received permission to begin building a Jewish housing project in the heart of Palestinian Sheikh Jarrah. This despite international law, and fierce objection of the international community to one-sided actions, such as this, which are aimed to avoid the possibility of a fair conclusion of the conflict in East Jerusalem. In addition, the activists managed to hold a protest vigil in the area of the stolen houses, beside the Shimon Ha-tzadik tomb, where, with police permission, mass prayers of the right wing take place weekly. At the end of which the settlers and their supporters tend to go into the neighborhood and vandalise Palestinian property.

At the end of the demonstrations a group of activists remains in the neighborhood to try and prevent (and at the very least, document) these attacks.