Thursday, March 11 2010 Price Tag In Safa

In the evening we had a message from Safa In accordance with the “price tag” policy of the people in Bat Ayin, where the army had demolished illegal buildings, the settlers had started fires in the area of Wadi Rish and the army denied access to the Palestinians who wanted to put them out. Local and international activists who tried to reach the area of the fires were met with tear gas and forced to turn back. Activists from “Ta’aush” and “Rabbis for Human Rights” went out and managed to reach the area of the fires in spite of military forces placed in order to prevent access. They immediately called the army with the demand: either you put out the fires yourselves or you enable us and the Palestinians to do so. The first answer we received was “there is no fire” – this at the same time that we were standing there and photographing the flames. Afterwards they promised that the fire was already dying out, and anyway they were dealing with it. Only the fire still raged and no-one dealt with it. Meanwhile the activists started to put out the fire which threatened to spread to the areas where new trees had recently been planted. After three hours of hard work the fire was extinguished and the activists left the area, long before the army decided who should and who was allowed to put it out.