Friday, November 20 2009 Protest march against the settlements in Sheikh Jarrah

Today a protest march was staged against the settlements in East Jerusalem in general and in Sheikh Jarrah in particular. The march began in West Jerusalem and arrived at the settlements in Sheikh Jarrah, where there was a demonstration. This is the second march of its kind. The march is meant to raise awareness among the residents of West Jerusalem to the injustice being done to their neighbors in East Jerusalem and to object to those settlements in East Jerusalem. The police did not prevent the march, but did follow it attentively. When the march arrived in Sheikh Jarrah, policemen and border policemen were waiting. They did not prevent the protest.

Background: In 2009 The High Court of Justice ruled that settlers suing ownership of lands from before 1948 on a number of houses in Sheikh Jarrah could ‘return’ to the houses. This despite the resulting eviction of several Palestinian refugee families who settled there as part of an agreement with the U.N. after 1948, and who were thrown into the street with the settlers entrance. Furthermore, Palestinians of course have no possibility of suing for ownership of their property from before 1948, which is located in West Jerusalem or Israel proper.