Tuesday, February 23 2010 Ezra Nawi’s appeal against his conviction

Ezra Nawi’s appeal against his conviction of assaulting a police officer and participation in a riot will be heard by the judges Ben-Ami, Mintz and Rapoport, at the Jerusalem District Court (Salah Adin St.), on Wednesday, March 3, at 12:30.
In October 2009, the judge Eilata Ziskind ruled that Ezra Nawi was guilty of attacking police officers and participating in a riot during the demolition of a shack belonging to Palestinian farmers in the West Bank, back in 2007. The whole scene was captured on video. The police officers claimed that Ezra attacked them during the 10 seconds that he ran into the shack. What happened inside the shack was not filmed, but the judge decided to believe the police officers and convict Ezra.
for more information, see: http://www.supportezra.net/