Saturday, December 12 2009 Mass demo outside the courthouse

Following the multitude of arrests on Friday’s demo in Shekh Jarrah the following announcement:

In the last few weeks every Friday , a demo takes place protesting the expulsion of residents of Sheikh Jarrah from their homes. During yesterday’s demo the Police used excessive force against the demonstrators, injuring over 10 people and arresting 27 of them. The arrested demonstrators spent the night in custody, and tonight will be brought in front of a judge to prolong their arrest. We believe the Police’s response is premeditated, in order to suppress the growing protest, and to silence any public opposition against the policy of Judaification of East Jerusalem. A brutal suppression of legal and peaceful demonstrations will not silence the protest.

We will not be silenced!

We will not tolerate the expulsion of Sheikh Jarrah residents and the oppression of their protest!

Demo this evening at 19:00 in front of the Courthouse in Jerusalem

As a result: approx. 200 demonstrators gathered on Saturday night outside the courthouse to show their support of the detainees, and to protest against the brutality of the Israeli methods of expelling Palestinians from East Jerusalem. For more than eight hours the demonstrators stood in the cold Jerusalem night in front of the courthouse, chanting and drumming. The few policemen present tried some more menaces, threatening with additional arrests. The demonstrators had to confront some Immigration Police officers who arrived in court and hijacked the three international detainees. After the Immigration Police left the area with the detainees, aided by the regular police forces, the policemen disappeared altogether from the scene, allowing a group of about a dozen drunk right-wing youth to arrive and provoke the demonstrators, shoving and randomly punching. Once this provocation passed without any physical response from the demonstrators, the police ordered the right-wing youth to leave the area. The energetic singing and drumming went on till the last of the detainees was released and left the court. Fortunately, the three internationals were released later on from the Immigration Police facility, due to a threat of appeal to the Supreme Court for their illegal detention.