Friday, January 22 2010 demonstration in Sheikh Jarrach

The struggle in  Sheikh Jarrach is gaining momentum, and last week saw about 400 participants, including MKs, public figures, and a large number of first-comers.

Once again the police acted violently, arresting over 20 demonstrators. On the other hand, throughout the demo we were not allowed into the neighborhood, while the policemen enabled the entry of right wing activists. As a direct result, shortly after the protest ended, settlers and their followers attacked some Palestinian residents and threw stones at them. A Palestinian child was injured in his head and had to be evacuated for medical care. Only then did the police show up, with the usual outcome: none of the attachers was detained, but some Palestinians and activists who accompanied them were arrested.

The arrested activists were released the next evening (on Saturday night) and will be brought to trial this coming Tuesday, January 26th. A Palestinian resident that was arrested following the attack of right wingers was released to house arrest until the end of procedures.

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