Saturday, January 2 2010 Planting olive trees in Safa

In the morning a group of 20 people, Ta’ayush activists and Anarchists Against the Wall, went to plant olive trees in Safa, an activity which in many cases the Palestinians are prevented from carrying out because of settler violence or army orders.

After we had been working for a short time soldiers arrived in order to remove us, maintaining that there is a valid order declaring the area a closed military zone. They refused to let us photograph the order or to study it. The Palestinian stated that one of the soldiers told him that if he does not send us away he will not be allowed in the future to work his land. We continued to work until the police arrived. The police agreed to show us the order and let us photograph it. We showed them a document from the legal adviser to Judea and Samaria (west bank) which allows Israelis to accompany and work with Palestinians on agricultural land, but they chose to ignore it. After we finished the work we evacuated the “closed military zone” accompanied by the soldiers.